Thursday, March 9, 2017

Learning from Jesus

Growing up you probably got to learn from someone showing and telling you how they wanted something done. Fishing is one of those show and tell but it requires a lot of patients and practice. I started fishing from the bank with a cane pole and then graduated to learning to fish from the middle of the boat on the river. Learning to fish from the middle of the boat required me to learn a whole new technique in casting a lure. My dad taught me to fish from the middle of a boat by taking a five gallon bucket and setting it up in the yard so that I could practice casting under the dogwood trees. This would keep me from being hung up in the trees. He explained that I had to cast a certain way. The reason why I mention this is because learning is a lifelong process. Learning to follow Jesus is also a lifelong process he gives us an invitation to come and learn from him in Matthew 11:28-30. I am going to ask you to please read the verses and those that surround it. Jesus’ invitation is to everyone and anyone who is weary of trying to keep the Law of God man’s ways. Have you ever noticed how heavy and burdensome it is trying to please God in your own strength? You cannot do it. It is impossible. But when we come to Jesus submitting to him and abiding he enables us to do what we cannot do ourselves. That when we find rest for our souls. When He calls us to himself and gives us a command to follow he enables us to follow through. He commands us to take up his yoke and learn from him. Jesus comes alongside us and helps us to learn how to do life his way. Learning to live life the way that Jesus wants me to requires me to die to my selfish way and follow his ways. Putting to death selfish sinful ways is not easy but through prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit it can be done. I don’t know about you but for me this is difficult sometimes because I want to do life my way and ask God to bless it. As I learn from him and put into practice what he is teaching me I find true rest for my soul. I live for his approval not anyone else. As I learn from Jesus, I discover that he is no harsh task master but someone who wants God best for me. I am inviting you to come to Jesus and learn from him. He wants God’s best for you. Just as my father taught me how to cast a fishing rod so could fish with him on the river, Jesus will teach you how to be a disciple of his so that you can be on mission with him to make disciples of those around you.

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